Build Your Fortress.


Fort Knox is proud to offer superior home and gun safes that are known for their quality, craftsmanship, and protection.

We are so confident of this fact, that we are the only manufacturer to offer a true comprehensive lifetime warranty for your safe. This includes the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body of the vault.

You have the advantage when you select a USA manufactured handcrafted vault. Select the home safe, gun safe, or security safe that best fits your needs rather than just settling for what comes off the end of the assembly line. Custom build your safe by selecting your color, steel thickness, fire protection and more. Whether it's for storing personal items and valuables or protecting guns and ammo, Fort Knox offers endless options so that your vault is unique to your needs.

Why should you choose Fort Knox?

  • 100% American made
  • Lifetime warranty on vaults
  • Customer Commitment
  • Industry's thickest steel
  • Inferno shield
  • Build your own 



The Spartan Vault stands as the first line of defense against home invaders. With its 3/16” body and 3/8” plate door the Spartan repels attacks with ease. Increase the Spartans value by adding a bundle package. Rest assured, knowing your valuables are protected by the Spartan Vault.


The Maverick vault is perfect for budget-minded buyers looking for great value. Its heavy 10 gauge body thickness and 3/8” door edge thickness compares to most competitor’s mid to upper-level safes. It’s 75 min in 1200° engineered fire protection is far superior to most competitors top line


The Defender Vault is our workhorse. Its design standards are superior to the high-end products of most other manufacturers. Compare the 10-gauge steel body, 11 locking bolts, 1/2” door edge thickness and 1680° in 90 min fire protection of the Defender Vault and see how it stands out from the rest of the safe industry.


The Protector Vault features a 3/16” steel body, 1/2” door-edge steel thickness, 11 locking bolts, and 1680° in 90 min fire protection is superior to other manufacturer’s high-end models, making the Protector an unbeatable value amongst competitors.


The Fort Knox® Executive Vault starts with a 4-guage (1/4”) solid steel wall, and 11 locking bolts. The Executive is the entry-level vault in our heavy duty line. When you need solid, heavy protection, the Executive Vault is the way to go.


Other manufacturers can only hope to build a safe with the features and precision of the Guardian Vault. The Guardian starts with a 3/16” outer body, 90 min fire protection, and 10-gauge inner steel liner, 18 locking bolts, 4 star corner bolts, 5/8” door edge thickness and add a stout 10-gauge inner carbon steel liner.


The Titan Vault begins with a 3/8” thick dual body constructed of a 3/16” carbon steel body, and 3/16” ArmaKnox AR500 inner steel liner. The standard inner AR500 steel liner gives you safe-within-a-safe style security and provides superior protection. In addition to dual steel bodies the Titan has a massive 3/4” door edge thickness held in place by 18 locking bolts.


The industry-leading Legend Vault offers a 1/2” steel body comprised of layered carbon steel, stainless steel and AR500 steel. The Legend has maximum theft and breach protection against cutting or torching. The 55 rack and pinion matching machined gears give the Legend an exclusive opening system that only Fort Knox provides.


A Fort Knox Home Safe is the perfect choice for people that want both rugged security and beautiful luxury. Combines elegance and superior craftsmanship to give owners peace of mind, knowing their valuables are protected by a 3/8” edge steel door thickness, and fire protection up to 1680° in 120 minutes.


Fort Knox® vault doors ensure all of your valuables are safe and secure. Available in two different sizes, 8240 & 8248 each vault door is built from thick, hardened steel. Need extra protection? Add additional steel layers of cut-resistant AR500 steel, torch-resistant stainless steel, or carbon steel. Only Fort Knox® gives you complete theft protection.


Fort Knox® In-Swing doors are a perfect solution if you want to place a vault door behind a concealment door.
The In-Swing door also works great for panic rooms and storm shelters, they can be reinforced with stainless steel, AR500 steel and additional layers of carbon steel.




There's no feeling like the peace of mind you get from owning a safe.

But with so many options on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Parker's Safes is here to help. We're experts in the safe industry and will work with you to find the perfect safe for your needs.

We have many safes to choose from, including fireproof, burglary, and more. Plus, we offer free delivery and installation on all of our products.

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