BFX 6636

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  • Dimensions:
  • Outside: 65.25″ H x 36.00″ W x 26.00″ D (Add 3″ for handle)
  • Inside: 61.38″ H x 32.00″ W x 19.13″ D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 21.74
  • Weight: 1319
  • Burglar Rating: RSC Learn More
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours (ETL Verified)
  • Gun Capacity: 26 Total Guns
  • AMSEC has released the ALL NEW AMSEC BFX6636 Gun & Rifle Safe for 2020. This is the fourth size in the BFX series with outside dimensions of 59.25″ high by 36.00″ wide by 26.00 deep. It weighs over half a ton at 1375 pounds. This gun safe is one of the best gun safes made today in the industry. The security features and fire protection makes this high-end gun safe a must-have if you need a gun safe to protect your rifles and valuables.This all-new Best In Class AMSEC BFX6636 Gun Safe Made in the USA is the latest innovation from American Security. They have been building some of the best gun safes made today for over 70 years. This is the BEST gun safe built-in America and takes the great features of the BF Series Gun Safes offering newly designed security features that make it even more secure.AMSEC’s BFX6636 Gun & Rifle Safe offers a heavy-duty 1/2″ steel plate door with AMSEC’s NEW gear-driven active 4-way boltwork. This boltwork deadlocks on all 4 sides of the safe, assuring peace of mind that your rifles and valuables stay safe inside. It is the only corrosive-resistant boltwork made in the industry. The gear-driven boltwork has 360-degree handle rotation. This drives the industry’s longest solid steel locking bolts deep into the body of the safe protecting the safe and it’s contents against severe pry attacks.

    The AMSEC BFX6636 Gun & Rifle Safe has a 2″ thick body and has passed the UL Level 1 RSC Burglary Classification. The RSC Rating is a 1-man, 5-minute test that uses tools typically found in any home. It has 14 massive 1-1/2″ chrome-plated locking bolts. The outside of the safe has an 11 gauge outer steel liner with a 12 gauge inner steel liner. This totals an approximate 1/4″ steel barrier in the body.

    The Fire Rating on the AMSEC BFX6636 Gun & Rifle Safe is rated for up to 2 hours of fire protection. The safe was tested using an independent lab – Intertek / ETL. This test confirmed that the BFX series gun safes outperform gun safes constructed with drywall. There are dual fire seals – the Palusol and Silicone door seals protect against both fire and smoke.

    The AMSEC BFX6636 Gun & Rifle Safe not only has great security protection and fire protection, but it is functional as well. It has the industry’s most flexible interior. The Door Organizer comes standard on the door and can hold an additional two long guns on the door. A Spy-Proof key-locking dial with a decorative three-spoke handle comes standard. Several digital lock options are available for an additional cost. There is also a redundant lock option available as well which offers both the digital and the dial lock together. Other standard features include a mirrored back wall for added interior visibility, an AC power outlet with a removable cord, and a LED light kit.

    AMSEC includes 2 different warranties with the AMSEC BFX6636 Gun & Rifle Safe. A Lifetime Warranty against theft and fire. No Labor Charge, No Parts Charge, No Freight Charge. If the safe is in a fire, just file an insurance claim with your insurance company, send a copy to AMSEC and they will send you a new safe at no charge. Same thing if someone attempts to break into it. File a police report with the police department, send a copy to AMSEC and they will send you a new safe. They also have a 5-year Parts and Labor Warranty on the AMSEC Lock,

    AMSEC’s new BFX6636 is extra wide to hold up to a total of 24 long guns inside along with 2 extra on the door. You can also configure the safe to have 12 long guns on one side and 3 small adjustable shelves on the other. You also have room on the two top shelves for other items.


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